Frequently Asked Questions

How is HCR (Haag Certified Reviewer) different than your HCI (Haag Certified Inspector) program?

Our HCI program has been around since 2007 and is best suited for field adjusters, roofing contractors and engineers with intermediate field experience.  Haag’s all new HCR program is taught from the vantage point of desk adjusters, inside reviewers, and those who review claims from a desk rather than in the field.

How is the HCR curriculum presented?

All HCR courses are presented 100% on demand.  Students can purchase one level at a time and will have up to 60 days to complete each level of the curriculum, including the final proctored exam.

Do I need claims or construction experience to qualify or understand the coursework?

There are NO professional or experience prerequisites to qualify for the HCR program.  The program curriculum is designed to teach students the basics of weather, construction, and damage assessment, from the perspective of an inside adjuster.

What is the cost of the entire program?

Each level of the HCR-Residential curriculum (4 total) retail for $349 each.  Students must complete an entire level before being allowed to purchase and begin the next level of the HCR certification. Corporate and bulk pricing is also available. Contact for pricing.

How long do I have to complete the entire program?

Students must complete each individual certification level, including final proctored exam, within 60 days of registration.  You may purchase and begin the next level of certification upon successful completion of the final level exam.  You may start the next level when it is most convenient for you. 

Will I receive Continuing Education credit for my adjuster license after taking the courses in the program?

Haag will apply for all CE approvals possible. Not all courses will be immediately CE eligible, but all efforts are being made to attain approvals to provide credit.  CE approval information is listed on course details on each course in the course catalog.  These will be frequently updated, as necessary.

I am a new field adjuster; would HCR certification benefit me?

YES!  The HCR curriculum is designed to teach important basics of construction and damage assessment principles, which is critical for both field and desk claims adjusters.  Set yourself apart from the competition by earning your HCR certification if you don’t yet have the experience required for the HCI field inspector program.

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